A fast, distributed metric store.

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No fluff and just the right tradeoffs

DalmatinerDB is a no fluff purpose built metric database. Not a layer put on top of a general purpose database or datastore.
This allows features that otherwise wouldn't be possible:
  • a highly optimized network protocol
  • sequential reads/writes for metrics
  • and a client-server model that takes as much load from the actual store as possible


ZFS is the world's most advanced filesystem. DalmatinerDB is built to take advantage of its features such as integrity, ARC, compression, and ZIL.

Riak Core

DalmatinerDB is built on Basho's riak_core, the same distribution framework used by the Riak database allowing for scalability and incredible resilience.

Rich query language

The frontend servers give users access to a rich SQL-like query language that's easy to use for both dev and ops.

Grafana integration

DalmatinerDB integrates nicely with Grafana making it easy to build beautiful dashboards.

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